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Originally Posted by craigrs84 View Post
I have a ESC with a switching BEC built in that has a ferrite? ring with the cord wrapped around it to help reduce interference.

I also have a seperate, external UBEC that I am using in place of the built in BEC on the ESC. The UBEC is also switching and also has a ferrite ring... so I have 2 ferrite rings.

My question is do I need them both? Can I remove the ferrite ring from the built in BEC on the ESC since I am cutting the red power cord. I'm guessing there's no need for it if power is not being supplied but wanted to make sure.

The reason they use the ring is because the wires tend to be an antenna radiating unwanted RF created by the switching frequency. Since you will still be using the white and black wires for motor control signals I would think you would still want the ferrite ring because the two remaining wires could still radiate some RF. Better safe than sorry. I am not certain by not connecting to the switching power supply that the circuit that potentially is making RF noise is not still active in some way.

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