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Originally Posted by payne9999 View Post
However, if the rise time of the switching signals is quick enough it will cause a lot of odd harmonics up to and beyond 2.4 ghz. Theoretically it will cause an infinite number of odd harmonics. 1/t = the effective frequency of a waveform and not really it's primary clock frequency.

Anyway, to make a long story short don't remove the ring, the original designers had a reason for putting it there....

I've looked at the rise time of the switching circuit in my Castle Creations 10 ampere uBEC with my 100 Mhz Tektronics 2236 oscilloscope. The rise time of the switching circuit is many orders of magnitude less than 2.4 Ghz. The observed rise time was well within the capabilities of that 2236 scope.

You are correct though, leave the ferrite ring in the uBEC. My Common Sense uBEC's have the ferrite ring, and their output is very clean. My Castle Creations uBEC's do not have the ferrite ring, and the switching frequency of the switcher shows up as a low level AC signal on the CC uBEC's DC output. That's why, for me at least, I would not use one on a 72 Mhz receiver. Just my opinion though, it would probably work just fine on 72 Mhz systems.
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