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Default slow me down!!!help please.

hey gang,
I had a great weekend flying. monday was a no wind day and i took my greatplanes kit built electric conversions of the rv 4-40 and extra 300s to fly. even got a couple of videos with the keychain camera but the exposure seems to be to bright do to the sun being in the flight path and the clouds were very bright.

the question and problem is in the title. both planes fly very fast and the field is shorter than what i am used to. the planes are slightly heavier than the gas/nito build designs and the conversions to electric was fun to build.they handle great and both have tremendous vertical lift. rv 4on 5cells,and the extra 300s with 7cells on eflite power 60.{awesome power!!]

i made approaches to land trying to slow them down but wound up knocking the lg's off with high speed approaches after several flights on each plane. is there a way to set the ailerons to slow down the final approach and what would be the correct way to set this up. i do have the eclipse 7 hitec tx.

i figure theres a way to flip a switch and get the ailerons to act both as ailerons and flaps.......flapperons,but will doing this cause a stall issue on the extra or should i just except the fact that these birds come in hot and deal with it.

note: i opted to not build the rv-4-40 with flaps so to increase the roll rate with full ailerons. i really am thrilled with the roll rate...just not the landing speed. i miss the old runway layout as approaches were easier to do. flying my arf 3dplanes are easy compared to the kit built models.

any suggestion will be helpful as i am sure others have this problem with different types of planes. stu

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