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This will charge your 3200 mah lipo, you will need to use it with a blinky balancer, its not the best, but it will get you by, and its only one button for ease of use, hope that helps, Chellie

PS You will need to change the end of the charger to a dean connector if thats what your lipos have or get an adapter, 22.99 24.99

ProPeak Quattro 1-4 Cell LiPo DC Auto Charger

Easiest to use Lithium Charger! Just push one button! Quattro automatically senses voltage and amperage needed. Chargers 1-4 Lithium cells at 0.1 to 3 amps. DC input.
Charges cells from 100mah to 6000mah safely and effectively. All you do is plug it in and push the start button! The Quattro automatically sets volts and amps so your battery is properly charged, everytime!

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