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Originally Posted by Gohmer View Post
Company that accuses a customer of theft online is sure one to avoid!
Did you READ what I actually posted??? If you get a item that you don't pay for and don't return it that is sealing, whether or not shipping is paid, let me point out that he NEVER called me OR emailed me that I sent him a extra motor...... I only found out reading the post he make...soooooo what does that tell ya? I have a phone number, time that I'm open and a email support ticket system soooo I have more than one way of contacting me which to my knowledge he never did. So how am i wrong ? I did give him and do give him the benefit of a doubt than he did not get the email BUT once again he so far has not made any effort to correct my mistake of sending a extra motor. It's kinda scares me that customers who mistaking get something extra in their order and don't return it don't consider that stealing WOW....
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