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Default Flying The Q.F.II

Hi Matt, glad to hear you've started on the kit.
I finally got mine flying, and can say it's well worth the building time. Sorry no photos yet, I was flying alone and wasn't able to take any flight shots.
First I made a couple of hand tosses by just holding the fuselage and launching it overhand. It flew well and I got the trims set. The rudder control was perfect but the elevator control seemed a little jumpy. I dialed in some expo and gave it a harder toss. The launch height wasn't great but it leveled right out and flew fine. It still seemed to gallop with elevator control, though. I re-checked the throws and C.G., both were fine.
Next I held it by the peg and gave it a hard toss, but without spinning my body first. It started out flat, then climbed up at a medium angle. Again it was easy to level it out without stalling and I did a couple of gliding circuits before hand-catching it. The elevator was so touchy I basically left it alone. The tosses got somewhat harder and the model showed no bad habits, it fact it glided very well.
On the last toss I got good launch height, but had no elevator response at all. From the top it took a shallow dive angle and all I could do was watch. Luckily we've had lots of rain here and the ground is soft.
It stuck in the mud like an arrow, but absolutely no damage! As it turns out the elevator servo must have been going bad, it wouldn't work at all. The rudder still works fine. They are both HS 55's I've had for a while.
So, I packed it up and brought the model home. I'll replace the servo and try again. From what I've seen, the model flys very well and glides beautifully. I managed to chip the leading edge of the bottom fin on some weed stubble, will run a bead of CA along the edge to strengthen it.
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