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Default More QF-II's?

Hi Matt,
Glad to hear you finished your glider, good luck with the flying!
Hello Mike,
I think you'll enjoy the build, it's a bit time-consuming but not hard.
I've flown my QF-II about 20 flights since replacing the elevator servo, and can say it's a very good intro DLG. Easy to trim, launches aren't difficult or scary, and the glide is flat and slow.
Although wintertime and snowy fields aren't ideal for thermals, the model has managed to find a few small bubbles of lift and I'm getting better at working the low level, weak lift. Can't wait for the hat-lifters of summer!
My throwing arm got a bit sore the first times out but now is used to the motion and the velocity is better. I still get the occasional Loopy, over-the-top launch, must remember to keep the nose level!
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