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Matt Smith
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So, I did the test glides yesterday, all went well. Today it's dead calm and in the upper 30's, so the glider came along to work again. I went to the ballfield across town on my lunch hour and tried my hand at discus launching. My first launch was a good one, the second one not so much, and a few good ones and some more not-so-good ones followed. I actually caught a light thermal on one launch and stayed up for a bit! I need to pull the covering and re-epoxy the launching peg though, it worked loose - contemplating a ring of 1/32" plywood reinforcement. Also, I need to work on my launch technique, as I wound up hooking it on most launches and frantically kicking in some right rudder to compensate. I'm hooked though. If I can sum up in one smilie, it would be:
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