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Well, I never did take any photos or do any posting during the build but that's mainly cuz the build was pretty straightforward. Don't know if that's because I'm getting better at it or the QFII is just an easy build.

One thing I recommend is use a #11 blade to nip the tabs on the ribs when removing them from the sheets. Especially ribs 5,6,7. The part of those ribs that passes through the spar is incredibly thin and delicate. You can snap the #7 ribs by breathing on them. As soon as I had them loose from the sheet I dripped some thin CA on those thin sections. I amazed myself by completing the wing assembly without breaking any of them.

I used MAS epoxy with slow hardner for all the fiberglass work. It's available from Chesapeake Light Craft. I highly recommend it. With the slow hardner you get a good hour plus working time, the stuff is very thin, wets out nicely, and cures clear as glass. It remains gooey for at least 3 hours and definitely needs a full 24 before sanding.

AUW came out at 232 grams (8.18 ozs) with 14 grams of lead needed in the nose. The bare tail parts were 12 grams after glassing. The covering on the wing is transparent red Solite. I have it balanced at the rear shear web line.

I added strips of carbon tow along the pod sides (a tip I remembered from another build thread somewhere) and I used a magnet to hold the hatch on. I drilled air flow holes top and bottom to cool the 1 amp BEC. I held the BEC between my fingers while swirling the rudd/ele stick and it definitely got hot.

Electronics are...Spektrum AR6110 RX, Blue Arrow 1 Amp linear BEC, 2 GWS Pico servos and a Rhino 2s 360 battery. It took some puzzling to fit everything in but I like how it came out. One antenna of the RX sticks out the side of the pod. I glued a piece of UNshrinked shrinkwrap into a hole as a guide tube for the antenna. The other antenna runs forward along the inside bottom corner under the foam spacer.

Maiden hand tosses went fine. I was terrified on my first discus launch attempt. I had visions of utter disaster but it was way easier than I imagined. I've probably thrown it 40 or 50 times so far. They aren't always pretty but none of the launches so far have failed.

I've had to re-glue the h-stab/boom connection once and I added a fold of clear tape to the bottom of the v-stab as a sort of tail skid. The v-stab immediately started showing evidence of my ineptness at hand catching the landing. I'd say I'm hand catching about 1 out of every 10 flights.

A new friend at the club I just joined was kind enough to video a few of my launches and put them on Youtube...

...there's five short vids. If anyone sees something horribly wrong with my throwing form please say so. I'm only getting 40 or 50 feet so far. When I try for more height I end up hooking to the left bad. Even when she goes up on her left side a quick blip of right rudder straightens her out.

Really enjoying this bird. Of all the models I've built so far this one is likely the one I will build again.

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