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Default QF II Flying!

Hi Mike,
You did a fine job on the build, looks great!
Good to hear you've got the model flying. It's really easy to toss and the trim is simple. Some flyers use a switch (like the flap switch) to put in "Launch" trim and turn it off to normal glide trim at the top of the climb.
Depends on your radio and set-up modes.
The low-level thermal flights will come once the weather warms up. It helps to watch birds, too. Last week I saw a hawk fly off a tree, maybe 50 feet up, straight into a small bubble of lift. He worked to up to a few hundred feet within about two minutes, then flew straight upwind, searching for dinner, no doubt.
Anyway, I noticed he turned tightly on the upwind part and opened the circle wider as he gained altitude. Tight at first, then a smooth open oval later. I'm going to try that next time I fly the QF II.
Good Luck!
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