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Originally Posted by Sky Sharkster View Post
Hi Mike,
You did a fine job on the build, looks great!
Good to hear you've got the model flying. It's really easy to toss and the trim is simple. Some flyers use a switch (like the flap switch) to put in "Launch" trim and turn it off to normal glide trim at the top of the climb.
Depends on your radio and set-up modes.
Hi Ron thanks.

I was thinking of using the elevator half of the flap switch on the DX6i as a selectable trim control. Perhaps minimum sink and max glide settings. I'm not clear on what "launch trim" should be.

As it stands now I think my CG must be fairly close to neutral. It holds whatever pitch angle I put it in from just above stall to fast dive with no noticeable tendency to porpoise or tuck under. It launches straight (when I do it right), again with no tendencies to loop either up or down. It needed no elevator trim to get this. The elevator is dead neutral. Of course 50 feet altitude doesn't allow much of a dive test but I'm pretty happy with the way it handles.

I could definitely use advice on getting higher launches so if there's a trim setting bias that favors launching I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks again.....Mike
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