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Those proportions certainly look reasonable.
T tails are popular in full size gliders (keeps the tail plane clear of long grass/crops when landing in a field) but can be a bit delicate in models as in a ground loop landing (a wing tip touches first) the rapid rotation it causes can damage the tail fin as well, particularly if the elevator servo is mounted at the top of the fin as well.
Will the motor. ESC and battery in the nose does it get the CofG something like right without having to add significant nose weight?
With no wing dihedral and almost full length ailerons it could be quite 'sensitive' in roll and could initiate a serious spiral dive if full aileron is applied when flying close to the stall speed.

Just a crude test but with every thing, including the battery, in place does the wing feel strong enough to allow it to be lifted just by its wing tips? If it can the wing should be adequately strong enough to do a loop without breaking.
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