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Well, I know where the wing is going to break if / when it does.
(Plenty of aerodynamic elements we could discuss, but this is just a tip on the structure).
The wing will be dead rigid ending right at the end of those spars, then it'll be flexible (unless there's an internal spar we can't see).
What it means is structurally the greatest strain in a loop or rough landing will be concentrated right at the end of those spars because they're the same length. Not so good.
My tip with the next design: Use 3 spars, one long one near the 33% chord position at the thickest part of the wing, going maybe 1/5th to 1/4 the wing span. Another, shortish one towards the LE, then another towards the TE, splitting the difference in length. What it means is the forces won't be all concentrated at one point along the span, but staggered, spread along a longer section of the span.
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