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Default First Battle Over Brenham Texas

The First Battle Over Brenham Texas RCCA Combat contest is in the books.

David Ebers and the Brenham RC Airplane Club rolled out the red carpet and combat pilots showed up from all over Texas and even one from Missouri.

Mother nature has been busy with full fury dumping inches upon inches of rain upon south central Texas in the previous weeks and days before the contest,
but we were able to get in 10 rounds of intense Texas SSC combat action with no precipitation on saturday. Wind from the gulf was
blowing 15-20mph most of the day but wind don't scare combat pilots. It was business as usual.

11 pilots gathered the sinews of war on a beautiful south Texas Bermuda grass pilots line including 3 pilots flying their first ever RC combat event.
thanks to borrowed airplanes from David Ebers and the excellent pit man job of Dwight Ebers, all 3 new pilots made it thru the entire event of 10 rounds with 1 airplane attrition.

10 rounds later all pilots were still standing and impressive scores were tabulated. First time combat pilot Charles McAtee finished 8th place with a score of 1440 points followed by another first timer Cooper Smith
at 6th place with 1733 points. Both accomplished pilots in other RC Airplane disciplines, neither pilot had never even seen a combat airplane until this event. Outstanding job gentlemen!
Top three combat pilots were Bob Leone at 3rd place with 2624 points, David Ebers at 2nd place with 3228 points and yours truly, Dane McGee at first place with 3352 points.

The inclement weather showed up at start engine time on Sunday so Limited B was called due to several inches on the field.

Thanks to the Brenham Club for the warm hospitality and beautiful location and to David Ebers for pulling it all together. The club already has asked to host another 2 day contest later on this Year.

Radio Control Combat Association gained 4 new members at this event including Darel Ebers, George Prichett, Cooper Smith and Charles McAtee.

Its good to see combat growing. Keep it up fellas!!
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