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Originally Posted by wilmracer View Post
I like that idea, but I would be worried about the integrity of the straws over time. Perhaps a single piece of thin copper pipe? they have cheap hand tools to allow easy bending and shaping of the pipe and you wouldn't have to worry about leaks. You also would get better heat transfer from copper vs. plastic, although at this size it would be minimal...
Well, you're a thinker - I like that. But you're also a human who likes to complicate things; why? well only you can answer that... After the epoxy in which the straws are embedded has set, the presence of the straw is incidental.

Copper pipe or anything else will create an expansion differential across your lamination resulting in strain concentrations in your mould, and ultimately surface fracture.

LOL - I told you, I'd given much thought to arrive at what seems an idea that's just too easy to be optimum. (it's genius in a dirty straw disguise...lol)
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