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OK, first of all - thank you for your patience - I know that this takes forever, and now I've gone and switched things all around on you....

We still have the semi-spherical registration keys - but there are fewer of them. Fewer means less effort in keeping them clean and free from build-up. In an effort to maximize their effect however, they are placed at the extremes of the mould sections.

We still have the 1/4"-20 thread inserts for joining. There are a couple new ones. You can also see that I've countersunk the two on the end faces so that they will not interfere with removing the leading edge section.

The new bits are the extruded aluminum T-slot ways. I've filled them with clay, and then screwed them down to the parting board.

They will provide a nice flat, and wear-resistant face to trim against.

They will also act as an overflow channel during assembly.

But mostly, they give me the option of speeding things up considerably if needed at some time down the road. By vacuum sealing across the flange face and controlling resin flow into each of the nine overflow channels, while drawing vaccum from the underside through the gear bays it will be possible to infuse parts rather quickly.

I left the conduit for the heating circuit on top just for the sake of the picture: of course it will be embedded in the layup.

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