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...now let's see...where was I ?? Oh yes, let's build a fuselage !!

It often seems that life has a way of pulling us away from things. This is exceptionally true with a project of sufficient scope to impress. lol
The trick, is to make your way back home....

I've been to the local school supply store in my ongoing efforts to stock my shelves with goodies that I can use to itch my constructive itch from time to time. I came away with I think what you will agree is the cheapest method for pigmenting your epoxies.

Now, as regards effectiveness, this test will serve to establish a rather subjective pass, or fail grade to the candidate in question. In support of my somewhat educated guess, I will attempt to attach supporting documentation of related adhesion test results for various common pigmenting approaches; one of which I was rather impressed to discover was tempera powder.

If I'm unable to attach the aforementioned article, I will suggest that a google search of the terms "West Systems, tempera, adhesion, results" will also provide a quick link.

For this one, I intend to incorporate a 1/4" 5 ply firewall and I also have what I think you will find to be an interesting idea for applying camouflage in the mould with my new tempera powders.

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