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3d printing has limitations.

You cannot just sketch something up and expect it to print okay. A box, like a loop around a square tube, can't just be built in any direction. It needs to be built up. You cant just float the object in mid air while it prints and expect it to work good or be the exact size. Different printers also have different sized print beds. If mine is 10" build platform and you want to build parts on a 4" platform, you will need to cut up the print into smaller chunks or even do each peice one at a time.

Another thing is the variance in printers, plastics and actual dimensions. My printer might be better setup then yours. If you are okay filing square holes until it fits, or drilling out round holes, no problem. If you want to just download a file and print it, it will need some minor touch up work or tweaking. Might need to enlarge it by .5% to get the dimensions close enough it works.


I can test, measure and design parts that I know will work on my own personal 3d printer. Once I correct the variance and get what I want, I can print 50 of then with no touch up or work in between.

That why I brought up slow stick parts and 10mm motor mounts. I can make them all 10mm so they will fit every 10mm stick with ultra percesion.

If you want to download and print it, id recommend oversizing it a bit then using a dap of hot glue or something similar to make it a tight fit.

Once guys realize you can build them a 10mm motor mount for pennies worth of plastic, that $8 e flight motor mount doesn't look so appealing at the hobby shop. Rather then compete with a hobby shop, id rather produce things that are no longer made or discontinued.

Before my dad started making plastic parts, I would buy a whole $28 slow stick because every hobby shop was always out of the plastic stuff. Now that you can't buy them, I am trying to gauge interest on who might need replacement parts. I know, I'm probably the only guy here with 10 slow sticks with one or two broken parts, but most guys I know have 2 or 3 and just need that one landing gear mount to take it out again.

Or you could go to ebay and pay $92+ shipping for a $25 airplane or $50 for the $10 plastic parts.
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