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I usually use my existing threads for the new stuff that I build/post but this is kind of a new concept that I am testing. The unit is a first in many ways and is a prototype to test my easy VTOL concept, where I want to harness the lift from a wing without “really” transitioning to horizontal flight in terms of conventional controls and flight characteristics, while flying “almost” horizontally I am also looking for a design which will not be sluggish in vertical flight while creating lift in horizontal (or semi horizontal) flight, without folding wings, etc... Below are some videos from last couple of weeks…

This is my first Mono unit with CG this high with a single battery and with carbon fiber thrust vectoring vanes. The first flight was a failure as result of this and the not enough gyro compensation. So, I made some changes to PID, replaced the backbone supporting piece with a 2mm carbon fiber piece for better support and just in case added this small foam board piece to make sure there is some more lateral resistance. The second flight was successful but still not there. You really need to be on the controls to keep the unit off the ground. Higher compensation levels are necessary. Also, I am not sure if I will be getting as long as hover time as I was hoping. But I have other plans for this unit which will hopefully keep it I the air for much longer times.

This turned out to be a completely different animal. The wings placed at the center of gravity didn't seem to help stabilize the unit. Tomorrow new test with higher CLR and a higher gryo compensation levels...

Testing different wing designs which can handle vertical and horizontal flight. The problem is to come up with a wing design that can handle a stable transition to horizontal flight while handling the pitch and roll vertical flight stability with proper level of lateral resistance. The most successful one for transition was the last one, which is a recycled wing from one of my unsuccessful units years ago. It doesn’t compensate for the roll lateral resistance, which I had to manually compensate during the flight. I will work on that piece…

The last video shows the best result so far. The Unit is now capable of transitioning to horizontal. Need to adjust aerodynamics and the tuning further to harness the most possible lift from the wings.


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