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Default Load checker without using motor / ESC etc.

I am sure that I am not only LiPo user that has a lot of LiPos' and amongst the many - are odd ones that at times do not perform. I try to mark them as ?? to avoid using again ... but one or two can get used again and occasionally seem to be OK.

I have a bench set-up .... motor mounted to a flat plate I can clamp in a vice ... ESC and Servo Tester .... I can connect wattmeter and run up to observe / listenm and read results. But its a pain having to charge up the LiPo - then connect - run and then storage discharge.

I've tried using the Internal Resistance values to check - I have a dedicated IR meter as well as on the chargers ... but that has not proven to be solution.

So ? Question is - what is there out there that can be used to reliably determine a LiPo's condition without too mucxh work involved ... lets say charge up to average 4.0v per cell .. plug into XXXX ... load is imposed and you get direct result ?? I know that sounds like a Wattmeter exercise - but I'm looking for something that does not need ESC / Wattmeter / Servo Tester etc.

Any ideas Guys and Gals ??
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