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Default Heston Phoenix flies

Maidened the Phoenix today with the unusually good weather, and had an uneventful flight. The 370 outrunner had more than ample power, with most of the flight at part throttle. Now that I know the plane flies and lands well, I'll have to takeoff and land on pavement, with the functional retracts. I had two flights today, as the camera did not properly record the first flight. Both flights showed that the plane does not seem to drop a wing when stalled, and mushes well with the washout. This was pleasing, as I have similar planes such as my Guillows Cessna 172 that flies well, but will drop a wing if slowed too much at landing. The Eric Fearnley designed Heston Phoenix is a good building plan, for a no-frills off-the-board flyer.

You Tube Video:

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