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Hello Dereck - As they say about pictures being worth 1000's of words, I really appreciate the photos you provided, particularly the first one of what looks to be a very comparable design to the V60 (probably the Sig 4 Star to which you refer). I think that is exactly what I pictured in my mind's eye, & this photo coupled with your detailed description should make my life (& the hatch's likely outcome) much more certain than my trying to come up with something on my own. I really take your advice to try to build the entire model with the CG in mind, as I just finished a 3M glider where that was not done as much as it should, & I can't fly with the bigger Lipo I had in mind due to nose heaviness. I don't have the V60 or its plans yet, but photos of older ones show a fairly good extension of the nose from the cockpit/wing LE location to the firewall. So I'm hoping that this will give me some flexibility in locating the Lipo.

I spoke with Bruce at length about eliminating the outer bay on each wing panel to reduce it to about 66" instead of 72", as I both was originally looking more for a 40 size model & also wanted to fly it with my stores of 4 cell Lipos which I use on 3 or 4 models with 46 sized motors. And I'm a retired guy that just started flying 4 years ago so am not looking for 3D or unlimited verticals - I like flying on the wing & nice & easy maneuvers. But he convinced me that the wing loading would be better with the 72" wing & that my 800 watts of power with 96 ozs. of thrust with a 46 motor would work with the V60 just fine. It should weigh about 6 1/2 pounds all up if I build it right.

He also told me that with the newer lighter power systems, the things you & he did to create the electric version probably would not be necessary any more. So he doesn't plan to offer the EP version in the future. Right now I'm flying a Sig Sr. Kadet & Funster that I converted to EP using the same power systems with good results, so I am pretty sure he is right about using it on the V60.

I'm really looking forward to both the build & flying the V60, & anxiously await his release of the kits. Thanks again for all your good advice. Cheers,

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