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Default Parkzone typhoon 2 3d

Whats going on guys.
Last weekend I bought of of the new Typhoon 2 RTF's with the brushless motor and lipo.
I just thought I would put the word out about how awesome of a plane this is.
This is my third plane and first with ailerons. Although I have a LOT of sim time on RealFlight 3.5
Everything is packaged very well and goes together very easy. My 9 year old brother could put this together in 15 minutes.

On the first flight the it flew great and I made the first successful landing after 5 minutes. Shortly after I launched it again and either caught some interferance or it glitched and went down.

I took it to the LHS and we called Horizon and the said the would REPLACE IT FREE!!! I was elated! I was expecting to spend up to $100 to fix it. Instead I walked out of the shop with a brand new plane. Now thats customer service!

I have several flights out of the new plane without any problems.

This thing flies on a rail and is very responsive!
I've even flown it off of the street in my dads cramped subdivision.
I've had a couple of rough landings with it that would demolish alot of planes but it still looks brand new.

For a brushless motor and lipo with charger I think $229 is a great deal. Not to mention the Awesome customer service.
I think they also will have it in PNP.
There is a very limited number of them out right now.

I would highly recommend it as a first 3d.

Go get One!
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