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Very awesome! Mine is in the mail with no updated ETA yet! It will be my second plane, with the hobbyzone super cub being my first. I have *cough* a thousand + *cough* (Yes, I know, sort of sad) sim hours ranging from Janes F-15 - all Microsoft simulators. I also have realflight and aerofly, which I can fly blindfolded.

I'm still hoping with all that "experience" that I will be able to fly the TY2 very well the first try (slow mode first) as the super cub was way too easy of a plane for me to start on. I'm assuming the TY2 will be quite different considering how touchy the controls will probably be compared to what I'm used to. Sims only teach you so much. I'll be sure to keep everybody updated on all the crashes that I'm sure to have!

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