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I was googl'n for an answer to the servos making a high pitch scream when plugged in.. might just be my RD6000 super TX settings...

Anyways.. here is a pic of the v1 and v2 tail comparisons.

Plugged up everything. Brand new CSRC lipo 3s 1650. (used before in my KingII)

Deaned proper lipo and deaned proper ESC from the PNP. Plugged it in servos worked, but no prop movement. Then smoke and smell. ESC burned up right there within 5min.

Yeah, just got back with a new one. I told them I don't want to take this bloody thing all apart, and build a whole new one again.. stayed up till 2am last night.
So, they where nice enough to remove an ESC from a new one and swap me out. Even removed my deans and traded me.. pretty good.

That was HobbyTown.

Not sure if I trust this Eflite ESC now...

But anyways, do your servos remain completely quite until moved?

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