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Yeah I kind of complain a bit on how much basic stuff WE DON'T HAVE in our store. Just the other day one of my co workers became EXTREMELY ticked because we didn't have any tire glue, air filter oil, or shock oil below 80 or 90 wt. So yeah, we don't carry some stuff. Heli wise we have e-flite, heli-max, and align trex sa stuff, but that's it. We don't use Hobby Lobby and they are one of the top dealers of Esky stuff in the US (their warehouse is only 2 hours away from me, too!).

Thank you for the compliments towards HobbyTown. It really makes us feel good, and yes, some employees know absolutely nothing. But most of us know most of it, if we don't know what you need then 2 heads are still better than one, right?
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