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Default More radio glitch crashes

My local hobby shop seems to have gotten a batch of bad Typhoon 2s.

My replacement airplane was being maidened by an experienced RC friend of mine, when it glitched out like mad. He walked towards the airplane, got it back under control and landed it. This was last Saturday. We thought it might have been interference at the field we were flying at, although my Futaba Super 9C had no problems talking to my GWS receiver, nor my Berg 4L. Different frequencies though, my Futaba was on 40, Typhoon was on 54.

The weird thing is that my buddy, Chris, and I did a range check on my Typhoon 2 before flying it. Seemed ok. Maybe the glitching only happens at high power? I recently put a torroid on the ESC RX connection wires, in case that helps.

Yesterday, I was into the hobby shop to pick up spare parts, and my hobby shop owner told me he wants my radios out of the Typhoon to send back in to be repaired.

He's had four or five Typhoon 2s from last week's shipment which have glitched out bad, on various frequencies. A couple of them ended up nose diving into the ground at full power.

Chris Shaker

Originally Posted by cjshaker View Post
I purchased the last Typhoon2 that my local hobby shop had last week.
Found out that the left aileron servo was dead on arrival. No movement,
no noise. Hooked it to a servo tester, still no movement. No damage to
the servo wire, either.

Another question, is the motor/gearbox supposed to be 'jerky'? When
attempting to run the motor up slowly, the prop appeared to jerk, and
at one point, bounced backwards. Do your motors run smoothly at low

My local hobby shop is supposed to be getting me another one this

Chris Shaker
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