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Default Geez, my ESC smoked itself tonight, too

We have around ten to fifteen people show up each Saturday evening to fly electrics at a local high school in Bend after the hobby shop closes.

One of my buddies from our hobby shop was watching as I plugged in the LiPo battery in my Typhoon2. Smoke started to roll out, and I unplugged the battery right away. The ESC smoked itself. The funny thing is that I test ran it at home, and the motor and ESC were working fine before I left the house.

Chris tried to pull the ESC out of the airplane for inspection, and one of the leads came off the ESC. I'll be digging the ESC out tonight, and replacing it with a Castle 36.

From the manual, it appears to be the same ESC that ships in my PNP Stryker, and I've had no problems with its ESC.

I'm starting to think this airplane is cursed:

o First Typhoon 2 had a bad aileron servo,
o On the second Typhoon 2, the radio glitched out badly while my buddy maidened it (it was doing uncommanded half rolls, and vertical excursions),
o Then, the ESC smokes itself while connecting the battery.

My hobby shop replaced the first Typhoon 2 with this unit, and now, they're sending in the radios and the ESC for replacement from the second unit. I'm not having much luck with the Typhoon 2.

The Typhoon 2 seems like a really neat airplane. One of these days, I'll actually get to fly it.

Chris Shaker

Originally Posted by tims880 View Post
One of my flying buddies got one last week. Second flight esc went up in smoke. I am sure hobbyzone will replace it, but still kinda a pain.
But over all its a nice plane.

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