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Default Flew the Typhoon 2 several times tonight, what fun it was!

Flew my modified Typhoon 2 several times tonight out at the local grass strip. Flew it with the Futaba 6EX 2.4 Ghz FASST radio and Castle 25 ESC, since the radio and burned up ESC are at my LHS for replacement.

My buddy and I had three lipo chargers going to keep the airplane in the air. We each thrashed it through the sky several times, and it flew great.

Programmed the radio for flaperons, and the airplane leaped in the air in less than five feet with the flaps down, into the strong wind that we had. Made me laugh when I did it.

It's definitely the fastest rolling RC airplane I've flown so far, even on low rates.

I'm impressed with how rugged the airframe is, too. My final landing was a low speed, low power crash into the sage brush, and the airplane doesn't seem to have been damaged at all. Cleaned it up, and it still looks like new.

I'm pretty impressed with the design of this airplane. When they get their ESC problems ironed out, they'll have a winner on their hands.

Chris Shaker
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