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This plane will be cheap, light weight, and will have tons of power. While you claim it will "rip it's self apart" i have actually flown this plane faster then 90mph and to date it have never "rip it's self apart" there is no reason this plane can't be a fast plane either. While to you it might make sense to spend a lot of money on a huge plane that you have to have a huge field to fly it in, THIS is a parkflyer. while his setup will take this plane to it's limits i can from first hand claim this plane CAN and will travel at these speeds.

i once took this plane in a high climb only to dive it at the ground to TRY to rip the wings off and it still pulled out of it with no problem. My FW190 had the hollow wing with a similar setup and IT had no problem dealing with the speed, infact i flew it several times with it @ 32oz of weight and the plane still sits safely in the hanger. All i can suggest is that radweld grow a pair or sit back and relax. This is a warbird and in the spirit of the people who designed it; if they could of made it go faster back when it was in service they would have. The best part will be when he can tool around in this plane at just about the stock weight and have all that extra power just ready to go.
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