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Originally Posted by joeted View Post
All done,it took some work mainly by my carpenter friend lol but we got there.Hit 1 problem tho,I lost a couple of washers from the motor mount and luckily saw them stuck to the inside of the motor and I cant get them out due to the magnetic force of it.The motor spins ok as the washers are stuck on the very side of it so its not obstructing anything but do u think this will cause big problems if I cant get it out ?
Any way heres some pics of the mount,When I put the cowl over it the motor doesnt sit smack bang in the middle of the cowl but it still has clearence so it doesnt rub on it or anything like that,hopefully that wont be a problem either ? heres some pics
What are the specs of that motor? I can see it's a 1400ish KV motor, What prop do you plan on spinning with that.
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