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Originally Posted by joeted View Post
I havnt got a clue what prop to use I was hoping you lads could tell me what would be best ? as Im not clued up on working out what 1 I need.
Heres the spec for the motor
My set up is courtesy of Detroit Hawk as Ive gone with the set up he recomended for speed really
With that high of a KV a small one. LOL .. My 3550 KV inrunner is turning 9x9. With the gear reduction it is comparable to a 1200 KV outrunner. I'm pulling 410+ watts at around 38-40 amps. I hope you got a ESC that can handle amp draw and a strong"C" rated batteries.

I would check amp draw with whatever prop you are using to make sure you won't overamp. I would also ensure your ESC has good ventilation.

After taking a closer look, that motor looks like a relabeled Turnigy. See the reviews at the bottom of the page for performance analysis and props used by other customers.
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