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Originally Posted by joeted View Post
Chill people chill lol.
Youve all been a massive help to me especially DH,Radweld and now Ground.
I am going to continue to convert it and just see what happens.Ive come to far and spent to much to stop now anyway lol.
Today Im going to place all the parts inside the plane and see what happens ,I think the motor/esc leads are too short but I might just get away with it,I hope I do anyway coz I cant see me being any good at extending the leads on these.Im also going to attempt to build a motor mount so wish me big luck.What type of wood should I use and hows the best way to make it ? I'll look at DH's pics too try and work it out,I'll look for more pics too from others just to get different ideas.
I must say also that the front of the plane does seem quite heavy but then again I cant really remember how heavy the stock one was so its probably the same.
Oh and the lipo is alot bigger than the stock batt's and moves about a bit in the battery tray.
Well the thing about the motor leads being short on the Spit is not that big a deal - the firewall structure is spacious enough that you could theoretically mount the ESC close enough to the motor to make it work, which would also place it near the battery tray. Apologies, I was thinking about the P-51 which has a more restrictive setup.

You should be fine.
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