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Originally Posted by joeted View Post
Cheers buddy. Im using a 40amp esc and a 25c-35c lipo.
Does anyone know how to dismantle the motor so i can get these damn washers out ?
Oh and you lot will laugh your arses off at this but by looking at these pics,have I put the motor the wrong way round ? and what is the bullet shaped screw thingy and where does it go and also the little round bolt thing next to it ? oh and where does the washer go ? Im stupid i know lol but i like to make sure

No, you have it right. Your particular motor has what might seem like a bizarre shaft orientation, but the radial-mount that you attached to the spinning side (with the large 'screw thingy') is where the prop will go.

I suppose what you can do once you get your prop is to put it on, then ream out the stock spinner base to fit around that shaft, slide that on, then screw down the conehead-shaped spinner nut. Then see if the stock spinner cap will go over the top of it. It should. I actually replaced my stock spinner with a 2.5" Du-Bro spinner that is a lot more sturdy and designed to balance on a larger diameter prop shaft. I use what is called a collet adapter over the threaded shaft from the Gear box. And proud of it lol
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