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Originally Posted by joeted View Post
Cheers buddy. Im using a 40amp esc and a 25c-35c lipo.
Does anyone know how to dismantle the motor so i can get these damn washers out ?
Oh and you lot will laugh your arses off at this but by looking at these pics,have I put the motor the wrong way round ? and what is the bullet shaped screw thingy and where does it go and also the little round bolt thing next to it ? oh and where does the washer go ? Im stupid i know lol but i like to make sure

Sorry, about the washers -- if you absolutely CANNOT fish them out with a small piece of music wire bent like a hook, then your only other option is to press out the shaft and remove them from the bell housing.

You can do this if your friend has a drill press, find a bit that is of one-smaller diameter than your motor's shaft (3.2mm is it?).

First step: there may be a c-clip on the side of the shaft that is protruding. carefully remove that, taking pains not to lose it (it will spring and fly away, so be very delicate.

Get a piece of scrap wood and drill a hole in it about oh, say 10mm or whatever it takes to seat the motor to avoid damaging the casing, put the drill bit in the press backward so the cutting end doesn't damage the bearings, and press out the shaft until it is through one of the bearings and releases the housing from the stator (the bit that stays stationary, with the wires coming out).

Once that comes out, remove the washers, and then GENTLY press the shaft back into the bearing in the housing. Replace the c-clip.

You're done. I'd caution you, though, to only do this as a last resort. do your best to fish them out before you disassemble your new motor.

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