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Originally Posted by melonme View Post
I want to charge / balance 8 a123 cells but not necessarily at the same time. From what I understand I can charge 8 but not balance it , so is it possible to balance / charge 4 cells at time or am I stuck with 6 cells balanced ( unless I buy another 6 to make up the 2 I need ) ?


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Your PL6 charger can only charge and balance up to six cells, as it indicates in their specifications. In your case, you'll need to split up your battery into two packs of 4 cells each, along with splitting up the balance cables.

The Cellpro Powerlab 8 charger can charge up to 8 cells while balancing them. (I've got two of those '8 chargers)

Once you've gotten squared away in the necessary cables to charge your 8S battery as a 4S2P pack, you can charge those A123's at any rate your charger will put out. I've got over one hundred of those cells in my various models, and am charging them at about 9 Amps per cell. Two of those models have a 12S2P A123 battery pack in them, and they are being charged as a 6S4P pack at 30 Amps. These cells last a long long time. I've got 5 year old packs with over 400 flights on them that still have the same RPM on the same motor, and over 90% of original Milliampere Hour capability.

If you ever need to buy some of those A123's here is a very good source in the USA. Most of my batteries came from there, and a number of other club members also have purchased from there. These cells have welded tabs on them that are very easy to solder to.

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