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Originally Posted by namgadget View Post
Thank you for the replies. The Walkera X350Pro that I purchase never lifted. we tried all the steps as per youtube video's to bind it and the propellers turn very very fast but he does not want to lift. the left green light flash the whole time and does not want to stop. any advise?
I'm confused as well..........You say that the props turn "very very fast", sounds like you got it to bind.......if all the props are turning very very fast........!

"The left green light flash the whole time"...........is there more than one light for each prop, and if so, do they all flash.....?
In most cases, there is only one set of LED's that provide status, each response will either be green, red, yellow, orange, blue either they stay solid or they flash the whole time.

Flashing red, yellow, orange may indicate signal issues with ESC's, prop rotation, or receiver signal issues..........with the Walkera, there are several LED status combinations.......generally, flashing green and or solid green indicate signal response is fine and that the craft is in either a ready idle mode or ready for throttle input to fly.

Here's a couple of thoughts........

Did you install the props yourself and did you make sure they were installed in the proper rotation order and blade angle not "upside down"........? Since you've got rotation but no lift, it could be the props are not properly installed, as each motor turns either CCW or CW........and the blade pitch angle needs to be correct for each, not reversed.

It's not uncommon for a newbie to make this mistake........and some times the craft will come shipped with props installed incorrectly, Walkera has been known to make this mistake.....lol.

Also, since the props are spinning "very very fast"......that also sound like a throttle issue that is either related to how you have the control sticks on the TX (radio) set-up, what location your throttle stick was set at the time of the bind (which is related to the ESC bind features) or that the radio has been programmed with rate defaults that you must re-set....if your model came RTF with a radio.....Walkera is also known for having stock defaults set-up in odd configurations with many RTF packages.

All of the above issues and remedies are easy fixes.......the Owners Manual is pretty good for the 350 Pro.......However, if the issues above cannot be resolved, like others have stated, the craft and radio should be returned to the dealer or a call to their customer service should be made before or prior to any attempt on your own to fix it........more often than not, newbies make things worse rather than better when dealing with ESC's , firmware updates and TX (radio) programming configurations........another word of wisdom, do not try to up-load or configure ANY firmware up-date unless you are absolutely sure the radio (TX) and craft receiver and ESC's are functioning properly.......it will only make things more complicated to adjust and re-set default settings later........been there, done that........
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