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Default Check your fan!!!

I have had no problems with the servos, and had several really nice flights with the airplane this week. The airplane is slow, but easy to fly. It's easy to land smoothly.

During my last two flights, I kept hearing what I thought was the ESC low voltage cutoff, so I'd land. The battery was fine.

The problem turned out to be that my fan was in the process of falling off the motor shaft!!! The ducted fan impellor fell off the motor!!

Ended up dead sticking it into the sage brush. Airplane got impaled on sage brush. Should not be too hard to fix, using tape and
polyurethane glue.

I was not impressed with the smoothness of the motor and fan assembly. It ran considerably rougher than my other EDFs (Sapac T45, Miglet). Guess I should have taken it apart and balanced it myself!

Chris Shaker

Originally Posted by huggett View Post
Eric, I think I may replace all the servos. Actually, mine came with a servo that would not I did replace one of them already, but I replaced it with one that I think is the same exact servo that I took out of another rtf plane. I have a bunch of new HXT900 servos, which seem really good, that I may use to replace the stock servos. Thanks a lot for the heads-up on the stock servos!
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