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Default Thunderbird 54 - low throttle stutter

Hi Forum.

I have a Thunderbird 54 running the 1.5 Firmware. When I plug it in to my PJS -1400ART and start at low throttle (ie first two or three clicks), the motor just stutters. When I push it past the 3 click mark on the throttle, it spins like a champ is is very responsive. If I decelerate from a higher RPM (started past the 3 click mark), it runs very well in the lower 3 click without the stuttering. So it seems that the starting timing maybe bad? I searched the forum and have read the following suggestions:

Bad Battery - I used another LiPo (btw: 3S1P) and same issue.

Cold Solder Joint - Agree with this but the logic doesn't add up to me. If it's a bad solder joint, wouldn't the problem exist throughout the entire throttle range?

I'm leaning towards timing and could upgrade to the latest firmware from Castle. It's beta though - is it safe to run the beta firmwares?

Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated.

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