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As xmech mentioned, there are beaucoup choices for the F-22 in all different sizes. 50mm, 64mm,70mm, and 90mm. Check out: MotionRC, Nitroplanes, Diamond Hobby, Banana Hobby, Toysonics, Value Hobby, Grayson. Atomikrc and Hobby King. The F-22 is a popular model.

My favorite mfg's these days are FMS and Freewing. I do have a bunch of the little 50mm Jpowers edf's. A lot of fun in a small, inexpensive package. I think Banana sells them as back pack jets, HK has them as something else, but they're all made by Jpowers. Here's a review thread:

If you're looking for a first edf that's easy to fly, I would suggest the Phase3 EF-16 from Hobby People , the Freewing F9F Panther from Motion or Value Hobby or the Freewing Stinger 64mm.

You can even build your own "prop in the slot" profile foamy job. I've built a few of them from Dollar Tree foam board and you can't beat them for cheap thrills. Some of my best flyers.

Here's a pic of my latest , made from Model Plane Foam(MPF) in Navy livery- LOL A group of us fly these in combat on Sunday afternoons. No streamers or anything. Just trying to knock each other out of the sky.

Welcome to Wattflyer and Merry Christmas !

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