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I should reiterate.........

The web site adds that pop-up automatically as Don refer's to (those on top, around the border and at the bottom of some of the last posts) cannot be suspended everytime by the "tips" I provided previously (in most cases) if one uses Google as a search engine as an example......................!

There are exceptions if one knows how to circumvent the web site's protocol.

Using the tools provided by Chrome, Firefox, Moxilla, ect....(even Explorer)... will not completely suspend those add's after every visit or log-in.......they are not as effective as advertised, since those providers would be "shooting themselves in the foot" and "biting the hand that feeds them" if they truly offered a way to suspend advertising with their marketing partners (like the web-sites we frequent).......the issue of the add's being in your face automatically is really in the web-sites control.........they have the ability to determine how, when and where each add will be present.......don't be mistaken, this issue can be resolved on the web-sites end, but they will have to find another way to support ($$$) the site without writing a check to make us all happy...!

However, there are after market tools that can be (purchased) that will do the job quite well.........even suspend Windows 10 Explorer intrusions. They are pricey and really over kill if one is not annoyed or experiencing a slow down in operation.

I'm not going to suggest any Malware, Pop-Up remedies since that would require much time and really is a personal preference........but the free versions of Malwarebytes, Webroot, Anvisoft do work and do not cause (in my experience) any slow down or interruptions with the operating system.......of course, the "pay-for" versions work quite well........I've used each from time to time on my business pc's.......but. like I stated, if one is not bothered by the "intrusions", setting your tools properly within the Chrome. Firefox, Moxilla ect.......environments will suspend the annoyances for awhile.

The web-site really is control's up to them when it comes to advertisement and tracking their volume.
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