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Originally Posted by DHC Beaver View Post
I had a 3d model called a "Limbo Dancer".Apparently this was a kit made in the UK,but someone gave the plan to the club,and most of us build the plane of the plan.
It could be built very light,and mine did everything on a 32 2-stroke.It was 48" span,and an all up weight of about 3lbs.The wing and undercart were all rubber banded on,meaning you werent going to do too much damage in a hard landing.
I know foam is lighter,but let,s face it,they are 1 crash aeroplanes.
If you are a relative beginner to 3d,i would go with something you can actually repair yourself after the inevitable "arrival".
Which is why I suggest the Hummer. EPP model, you vsn throw that around, bang it into the ground, do all the things you'd be scared of trying with an expensive full fuselage job.

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