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Well, I have a few questions I could use some help with. I just got through running the 2nd battery through my Blade CP Pro using the Radd method. I have a G90 gyro installed from day one and the tail stays fairly straight. I have the training gear off as instructed and have had no incidents!

My question is, does the gyro create a level of steadiness from the get go? It seems to track really well But my trim adjustments using the 5th channel don't really seem to help. channel 5 is working because if you adjust it from one extreme to the other you can notice a difference. However minor adjustments are almost non responsive. Is this because it's not in the air hovering and just light on the skids?

Second question is when the heli gets just above the "light on the skids" point it wants to immediately tip over to the right. Am I not applying something right on the sticks to correct this. The feeling I get is exactly like it's on a bubble & falling off to the right.

Lastly, I purchased a Li-Po battery charger from and it's amazing. I this it was $59 bucks and worth every dime. It balances the 3 cells while charging and I'm having no issues with heat build up on the battery packs. If you need a charger Cellpro 4S is a good choice!

Thanks in advance for any help & Happy New Year!
Eric ( the noob pilot, SOS to Radd!) lol
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