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Hehe... nice one, ericroadking... if you have the G90 configured like the manual (and you have disabled the 3-in-1 standard rate gyro - page 43 of the manual)... then the 0% to 50% range on the chan 5 knob of the TX is the "Normal" mode for the gyro... and the 50% to 100% is the heading hold (tail lock) mode for the gyro. The "normal" mode is basically what the stock gyro gives you (albeit on a bit of steroids). The heading hold mode is quite a bit different (it really locks the tail for you)... *but* if you're sticking to the Radd method (and I hope you are) it won't really matter too much... because the friction on the skids "freaks" out the G90 a bit. It is in the air you will notice a difference. My recommendation is to turn the Chan 5 knob up about 60% to 70% (10% to 20% into the HH mode) and leave it there for now. Concentrate on the practice, not on the gyro. Once you get into the hover stuff... you'll be able to play with it and see the difference.

Once you get into steady hovering... dial up the knob until the tail starts wagging... then back it off a bit. Mark that location on the knob, and check it as part of your preflight... then don't worry about it again. That will be the perfect HH setting...

Now there are personal preference issues... I tend to dial it back even more... (I prefer light HH force)... and others (like LD) prefer a higher "normal" mode gain... bu not HH mode. It'll be up to you once you start zoomin' around with it...

As for the tipping... hehe... that's normal. It's called "torque", and the models are set up at basically right angles (there is no adjustment for "vertical P-factor"). Like Radd says... after a while, you'll be taking off straight up... pretty much automatically countering the forces without thinking about it. But for now... keep those skids balanced! It's not easy... but I bet you can do it.
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