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Hehe... I remember those feelings.

NO! YOU are the pilot... NOT the heli. I have a feeling you are letting it run the show. Rein it in a bit. Don't over control... and don't get impatient.

I probably should tell you that I crashed my first heli (Blade CP Pro) quite a few times while learning... but I enjoyed the time spent rebuilding. I never cut corners, and always had a 100% flying heli while doing the *work*. And it is work. But I was not going to let a little heli beat me.

There were a few folks that just said "aw, forget the little one... move up to a bigger heli. They're easier." And you know, they are right. But I was (am) working for a goal that I set for myself. Not them. I stuck to it, and fell in love at the first full-bat hover. I bought a second Pro the very next day, and four more bats (for a total of eight bats for the two helis). I reasoned that I could swap the helis and not have to wait between flights for the motors to cool. It payed off... and I progressed at a *very* rapid rate then. But the dedication was there, and has not changed.

I have to make another confession... I never did put on the training gear when I was supposed to. I just kept flying the bats without them. I started to bling out one Pro... and it was fun and a learning experience... but it did not satisfy that "desire" that I was looking for. I did also move up to a bigger heli. Next in line was a T-Rex 450SE... and it was so easy to fly compared to the Blade it was *almost* boring. But I never shelved the Blades... my flight rotation just got easier... more helis, more time. But I gotta tell you... for the finese on the sticks... it's the Pros that were the "teachers". I finally did build a set of TG for one of my 450SAs... to teach myself nose-in... and I had a blast with it... but I eventually took them off again, and haven't put them back on. And once again, it was the Pros that *really* taught me (continue to teach me - I haven't achieved the "perfect" pirouette of a Pro yet... they still "bobble" a bit... but I'm going to get there).

There are quite a few folks on the board that can pilot the micros... and there are quite a few that gave up on them and moved up to something "easier". I wanted to be one that "could"... and pilot them well. My definition of "well" is also different from others... I'm not really into 3D (although, it *is* fun to yank and bank once in a while). I am moving into scale helis, and I want to be able to make them look real... full scale. It's a bit of a different goal from just tossing a heli about and not hitting anything, or losing parts along the way... or stressing the power systems to their max limits.

I guess what I am saying, is... find *your* goal... what you want to do with the heli. Focus on that, and keep at it. And remember... YOU'RE the boss.

[edit] BTW, I now own eight helis... and I fly them all. One thing I make sure of is that the Blades get some time *every* day... I'm almost at the point where I need to swap the main brushed 370 motor - it''l be the fourth - and the tail motor - it'll be, uh... not sure how many - on the stock Pro again... it gets more airtime simply because it is not so heavy... bling is not always good. And that is simply from wearing the danged things out... I'm also going to have to start replacing the bats soon. Four of them have over 100 cycles... three of those are "still going", but one is a bit "puffed"... I over stressed it. Just a frame of reference.

Oh... and Happy New Year![/edit]

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