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Default All hail Ron

All hail Ron! This thread is so great! Hi to everyone posting here. Just a little backgroud on me. I am one of the many newbies to the heli craze. I found this site one day while trying to decide which heli would be the best to purchace for a beginner. I stumbled accros Ron's "walk through" with his blade cp and decided that the blade was the one for me. Thanks so much Ron for giving me the confidence that I needed to go it alone and train myself to pilot a micro heli. Thanks also to RADD! I purchaced a blade cp 4 months ago and have been slowly learning to fly this crazy thing. My work keeps me very busy so I do not get alot of flight time and spend alot of time just retraining myself from week to week. I went through RADD's training but I was still having trouble gaining a stable hover. So what did I do I blamed the equipment and spent many hours ensuring that everyting was set up right. I was supprised that the thing was just fine. I went through a period of frustration and made some dumb mistakes trying to force this thing to hover. Well it cost me about 6 sets of blades. I slowed down and went back to the basics. After realizing that I was over reacting and not paying attention to what the heli was realy doing. I have only hovered for only about 1/4 of a battery. I have since discovered that while I was banging the blades off of everyting in my garage I have bent the main shaft. I am now waiting for a new shaft and gear to arrive. I hope that this will help smooth things out a bit.
My question is how will a slightly bent main shaft effect the flight. Will it cause instability or just vibration? I did not notice much if any vibration with the old shaft. Also any advice is always welcome because all I know about helis I have learned from this site. Thanks
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