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Motrolfly have an excellent reputation within the 3D community being favoured above any other brand by many top 3D flyers.. Their reputation for reliability is better than Hacker if anything, certainly not a 'cheap and chearful' option.
IMHO they are both good motors but what Motrolfly has in it's favour in the USA is outstanding customer service from Ken at Subsonic. He will even custom wind to any kv you want and supplies specially customised lightweight versions of some of the motors.

The Motrolfly DM2820-750 I use is an absolute beast considering it's modest size (150g). It pulls 1kw and delivers most of that power to the prop with decent efficiency which is remarkable considering how hard it's being driven. It spins a 14x7 prop at 8800PRM and gives nearly 8lb of static thrust!

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