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Larry, Here is the info I can find on the web:


MOTROLFLY DM-4325 Brushless motor series are for RC Airplanes 8 to 16 pounds depending on model type. Check below for more details or click the link to the PDF down load for all information for each Kv in this series.

All motors come with an X mount for mounting the motor to the fire wall, pre soldered 4mm gold connectors, and a 8mm Hub prop adaptor; collet style prop adaptor sold seperately for behind fire wall mounting.
Hold cursor over picture for zoom.otorfly, motrofly, brushless motors

* Weight: 455 grams
* Stator Width: 43mm
* Stator Height: 25mm
* Motor Width: 54.8mm
* Motor Length: 52mm
66.3mm X mount to Hub face
* Hub Length: 38.5mm
* Hub Shaft: 8mm x 30mm
* Motor Shaft Size: 6mm
* 12 tooth 14 magnet DLRK


3D Planes up to 11 lbs.
Sport Planes up to 16 lbs.

6s Lipo 2000 W
8s Lipo 2500 W

19x10 to 20x11 on 6s
16x10 to 17x8 on 8s

18x8 APC, 21.7V, 6600 rpm, 59.36 amps, 13.9 lbs. thrust
18x10 APC, 22.0V, 6400 rpm, 71.0 amps, 16.25 lbs. thrust
19x10 APC, 22.1V, 6125 rpm, 83.77 amps, 17.5 lbs. thrust


A50 Outrunner Series
A50 12L
A50 14L
A50 16L
Kv (rpm/V) 355 310 270
Max Power (W) 1650W 1650W 1650W
Max Amp (15sec) 60A 60A 60A
Max Efficiency 85% 85% 85%
Io (No load A) 2.3A 1.9A 1.7A
Rm (Resistance) 0.021Ohm 0.025Ohm 0.031Ohm
Shaft Diameter 6mm 6mm 6mm
Gearbox N/A N/A N/A
Motor Diameter 48mm 48mm 48mm
Motor Length 66.8mm 66.8mm 66.8mm
Motor Weight 470g 470g 470g
Built in Fan Yes Yes Yes
Max Rpm 13,000 13,000 13,000
Poles 14 14 14
Case Outrunner Outrunner Outrunner
ESC Timing 20-25 deg 20-25 deg 20-25 deg
ESC Switching Freq. 8-16KHz 8-16KHz 8-16KHz

As far as price, list is 150 for the hacker and 160 for the motrofly. 3DHS has the hacker as part of their package which would actually make it the better value.

Thanks again
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