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Default fliton edge 540 mini arf

Ok, I just ordered a fliton edge mini after reading the many positive threads about it.

Now I will need to get some servos, esc, motor and batteries.

Most of the threads are a couple of years old now so any advice on what to get would be greatly appreciated.

This will be my first electric plane and all out 3d capability is the goal.

I will very likely go with the recommended motor, and esc... unless someone can suggest otherwise?

Is anyone familiar with any of these products?

The prices are good but I would pay more for something tried tested and true.

Would those servos be quick enough?

I also have an extremeflight 45" edge 540T on the way.

Can I can get an ESC that would also work for the bigger motor that I will need for the 45" edge?

Also ran into this might be worth trying out.

Is anyone here currently flying a fliton edge?

Thanks in advance

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