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The plane weighs a little over 2 pounds. If you read the article you know we can target several levels of performance.

So we want at least 120 watts and I would target 150 watts.

To draw 150 watts on a 7 volt pack we would need a pack that can handle 21 amps and a prop that will cause the motor to draw about 21 amps.

That is about the top of what a Speed 600 can handle.

While your 6 cell 3700 battery can probably deliver 21 amps, 6 cells probably can't turn the moto fast enough and the prop won't load it up enough.

I would recommend you go to at least a 7 cell pack and 8 would be better.

I presume that pack is Sub C cells and an 8 cell pack is going to be heavy.

I would go with 8 cell A size cells or 4/5A that can put out 20 amps.

An 8 cell pack of the ELITE2000 found here would be a good candidate:

The pack would weight about 280 grams, or about 100 grams less than your present pack.

That would be the pack I would recommend. It should give you about 6 minutes of run time. Figure 1 minute for the first climb then 5 30 second climbs after that, leaving you some margin for landing.

And the plane gets 100 grams lighter, about 4 ounces.

More power, less weight. Should work!

Make sure your ESC can handle an 8 cell pack and that he BEC can handle your servos on an 8 cell pack.

Good luck.
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